Murals & Community Projects

In the Collective there are several budding young aerosol artists, who are now learning how to use their skills in a professional context.  If you have been to Henderson, you will have no doubt seen one of the many murals that Kākano  has created in the town centre.  We are excited to have begun working with Kiwirail, and now have some of our artwork along the Auckland rail corridor for the public to enjoy.

Our mural projects provide the opportunity to further develop tangible skills that translate into meaningful work experience for our young artists.   They are learning the importance of time management, how to meet with a client to develop a brief, how to create a budget, and are gaining an understanding of the appropriate language and dress required in dealing with potential clients.  As we have a diverse range of artists, we are able to develop designs for clients which utilise the many different talents of our young people.

Our mural projects provide a unique opportunity for our young artists to contribute in a meaningful way to the wider West Auckland community. An invaluable gift.